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Common sense tricks to growing a business in Nigeria


Before I tell you what you will find in this book when you make a purchase right now, let me give you a brief history of my relationship with the Author — Sam Obafemi.

Sam Obafemi popularly known as Coach Sam is one of the few business people I learn from in Nigeria. These days it’s very difficult to find depth as everyone looks as if they are on social media but when you have an interaction you will be utterly dissapointed. Coach Sam is the difference that makes the difference. He is one of the pillars of the Thought Leadership industry in Nigeria and as a pillar, he is part of the foundation of a lot of successful entrepreurs in Nigeria including myself — Milton Tutu.

I first met Coach Sam in Benin City sometime in 2016 when Michelle Eromosele hosted him alongside Osaige Alex in a workshop. I was just a student studying Computer Science at Benson Idahosa Univeristy and having to meet someone I look upto in flesh and blood? that was an experience of a lifetime I cant’ trade for anything. I felt like Jcole when he first met Nas (okay I digress).

If I am asked to describe Coach Sam in one word I will say Serenity. He is as wise as a serpent and as calm as a dove. He is one of the few thought leaders in Nigeria that you can easily relate with and have access to (although some newbies take this gift for granted. Access is a gift). There are times I have felt like the whole world is against me and when I reach out to Coach Sam he opens his arm and use his words to comfort me. He has shared materials with me that has not just helped me in my personal life but also my business. It was an honor to have him write the foreword of my second book, THINK DEPTH

From left to right (Paul Confidence, Sam Obafemi, Milton Tutu, Ebuka Anichebe, Alex Mimi, Promise Excel (Rest in Power)

Before I turned 21 I said I want to celebrate my birthday in a way where I will have my mentors, friends and role models in my home sharing some wisdom that will aid me for the next decade of my life. Like the Universe was listening to me I was opportune to have Coach Sam Obafemi in my home on my Birthday. Thanks to Alex Mimi. On that day I had one of the best birthday gifts any young king could as for. A copy of one of his books — “But What do I Know?”

Let me use this medium (pun intended) to say thank you Coach Sam for all you’ve done for me and for being the gentle fire that brings light to the world.

If you’ve read any of Coach Sam’s work you know that he isn’t your average aspire to perspire motivational speaker that tells you what he read from “Think and Grow Rich”. He is a businessman that knows the ropes in the business world and teaches from his experience and the results he has gotten. Being an Author of 7 books, Coach Sam has a way of weaving wisdom and business principles together. All his books will not just give you results oriented tools you can use to change your life but also they set your soul on fire to put those tools into action.

Based on logistics is a 128 page common sense business manual that will show you exactly how to build a global business from Nigeria. From the first page till the last page you will drawn in business wits that are applicable to the Nigerian market. The book exposes you to different business models that are adaptable in the Nigerian ecology.

The first chapter of this book charges you to focus on the journey of wealth creation. Coach Sam is a disciple of creating wealth. In one of his books, But what do I know, Coach Sam clearly stated that for you to build a big business in Nigeria you have to sell more and increase your earning capacity. He reinforced that in this timeless manual. We all have different paths to creating wealth, some people are on the entrepreneurial path while others have a 9–5 job. It doesn’t matter what path you are in you can start creating wealth.

In page 11 of chapter one Coach Sam clearly stated that “if you want to see wealth in your lifetime, find a way to EARN MONEY and PUT IT WHERE IT CAN GROW”

If you want to see wealth in your lifetime, find a way to EARN MONEY and PUT IT WHERE IT CAN GROW — Sam Obafemi

He went ahead to charge the 9–5ers to think about being resourceful and not just depend on their monthly income. I totally agree with this. Being a paid employee sometimes limits you from thinking of different ways to create another source of income as the human specie enjoys being addicted to a pattern. However, if you must create wealth for yourself as a an employee you must always think of different ways to earn more. He puts it this way..

We all must not be full-time entrpreneurs. We all must not necessarily run companies and businesses, but all of us must think of ensuring whatever we earn is not all we make. We must aspire to earn more, do more, create more, replicate more, multiply more invest more and increase our capacity to do more all over again. — Sam Obafemi

If you must build a business or legacy that trancends beyond time, you must think of different ways and avenues to channel your gifts, skills and talents for income and profit generation. Even as an employee you are a business. Start treating yourself as one.

It’s no more news that if you want to take your business to the next level having knowlegde of business is an important asset. As much as we get to surf the internet for some of these business tricks and tips, you won’t find what will give you the best results on Google because wealthy people don’t just share premium information with the masses. If you are not in their circle you won’t know what they know. This is one of the so many reasons the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

But there is a difference that makes the difference and Coach Sam is that difference. In this book he has made the knowledge of the elite available to the masses. He broke down the different wheels that will help you build a profitable business in Nigeria and from Nigeria. With his permission I will be sharing one of these elite knowledge with you.

Customer Experience Management

As a business you should have an understanding that not everybody is your customer. Not everyone who contacts you is fit to be your customer. For instance, Apple is a global brand but not everyone in the globe is fit to be an Apple customer. Just the way you carefully choose who you get married to, that’s how you should also choose your customers. NOT EVERYBODY WHO CALLS OR CONTACTS YOU IS FIT TO BE YOUR CUSTOMER.

Coach Sam went ahead to explain this concept deeply using The Strategy Map Model which was created by his Mentor and the Chairman of SOBCA, Dr Olusegun Steve Ogidan.

Page 31 of Based on Logistics. Designed by Milton Tutu

The chart above gives you a brief description of 3 types of customers your business can server and they are;

  1. P+Q = Mass market
  2. P + CS = Middle Class Market
  3. Q + CS = Premium Customers

These are the 3 types of customers every business should serve. As a business person you should make a decision on which of these customer segmentation you want to serve.

Coach Sam went ahead to break down these different market segmentation on how you can adapt them to your business model.

In summary, if you truly want to build a global profitable business from Nigeria then based on logistics is the most important book you need to read. It is not just informative but..

  • Strategic
  • Results oriented and
  • Value-driven.

Getting a copy of this book is one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself and your business. Go get a copy right now. Click here to get your copy

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