The Milton Tutu

Milton is a prolific Thought Leadership Consultant with a decade experience in the Thought Leadership Industry. He has helped over 500 small businesses and personal brands to create, launch and sell intellectual assets such as books, online courses, training & mastermind programs.

With his passion for the human mind, Milton studied vastly about Human Behavioral science having being certified by Innocent Minds Coaching and Consulting as a Neuro-linguistic programming Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner, Neurological Repatterning Therapist and, a Performance Consultant and Results Coach.

He now uses his knowledge in IT and Human Behavioral Science to help his clients create, build and market intellectual assets for profit generation, wealth creation and market domination. Being the current Managing Director of Profit Square Solutions he has consulted for businesses in the Personal Development Industry, Fin-Tech Industry, Health & Wellness industry and also, Food and beverages. Through Profit Square Solutions he has consulted for, Forever Living Products, Digital Promotion Academy, Aimtoget Technologies, Chigisoft, Print Doctors Africa, 3velles Nigeria, Learning and Development Network International, etc.

At the age of 17 Milton was nominated as the most influential student in Nigeira by Outstanding Student Choice Awards, a year later he bagged 5 differnet leadership awards from the Residential Advisors comitte at Benson Idahosa University. In 2019 he was given a “Hero Award” by GetUp Youth Africa for his impact to the lives of youths in Africa and just recently he was nominated as a fellow into the Institute of Management Consulting, Nigeria.

While he was just 18 , he published the Amazon Bestselling book, At the River Bank. An inspirational novel that has helped teenagers and young adults to not just discover purpose but to make the rest of their life the best of it. The following year being 2016 he published another bestseller, THINK DEPTH. A spiritual guide to living your best life. The bestselling book has helped millions of Africans find their path to realizing their purpose. That same year he published “Self Mastery for Business Owners”. This is the only book you need to read if you want to master your mind and dominate your world. And now, he is the proud author of The Little Black Book of Instant Response Marketing. A market guide to helping small businesses make their products sellout like wildfire. He is an excellent and engaging writer that uses both statistics and hybrid research coupled with spiritual insights to pass on his message.

He is the convener of Square Business Summit, a 3 days virtual summit that is poised to bring successful business owners in Africa together on a virtual platform where they disect the process, ideas and ideologies that enabled them to build a profitbale and gloabal brand from Africa. The most recent had over 5,000 viewers from 5 differnt countries in Africa. You can find more about it here

He currently works as the Founder and COO of Square Academy ( which is the #1 Digital Business School in Africa to teach and learn anything online. Serving users in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Angola. With Square Academy you can Create, Launch, & Sell your online courses and can also purchase online courses via the marketplace.

His core skills include: New Media & Thought Leadership Consulting, Direct Response Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting & Intellectual Product Development & Marketing.

Founder, The Mastermind Business Community. Business Man. Author. Copywriter. Knowledge Seeker.

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