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Milton is a prolific Thought Leadership Consultant with a decade experience in the Thought Leadership Industry. He has helped over 500 small businesses and personal brands to create, launch and sell intellectual assets such as books, online courses, training & mastermind programs.

With his passion for the human mind, Milton studied vastly about Human Behavioral science having being certified by Innocent Minds Coaching and Consulting as a Neuro-linguistic programming Practitioner, Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner, Neurological Repatterning Therapist and, a Performance Consultant and Results Coach.

He now uses his knowledge in IT and Human Behavioral Science to help his clients create, build…

A potrait of the phenomenal promise excel.

NB: This was written this time last year but I never had the courage to publish it. A year later I still don’t have the courage to publish it but if Promise was here he will say “Fuck it and publish it!”. So yeah. Fuck it!

Dear Promise,

Where have you gone to, Promise? Is it where Angels fly, with stars and lights? When will I see your face again? Is it the end of time or will you give me a call and say “Milton, why are you crying? I was only joking jare.

Photo by Sam Bark on Unsplash

As a Nigerian that grew up in a Christian Family one bible verse that I was forced to memorize was “You are the light of the world & Salt of the earth”

I didn’t understand what it meant until recently.

Stay with me.

If you are born in Nigeria or you are a Nigerian or you live and grew up in Nigeria or you have a Nigerian passport then you are at a GREAT DISADVANTAGE even before you knew your name.

This might hurt but the truth hurts and hurt heals.

You know what’s the worst?

If you come from…

If you don’t sell on your WhatsApp status don’t read this but if you do then I suggest you read this to the end if you want to find out exactly how to increase your sales by 85% on WhatsApp. At the ending of this article you will find a tiny secret called “The Bandwagon Effect” that will make a lot of people want to buy your product right now and become an evangelist of your business.

First things first

First off, you have to follow the little ol’ marketing rule. Look for what people are eager to buy and give it to…

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We all know the story of Lots wife who a lot of historians and biblical scholars call EDITH (not Tony Starks EDITH please).⁣

The story goes like this…⁣

God instructed her and her family not to “look back” as they departed sodom and Gomorrah while he destroyed it but…⁣

Lot wanted to see what God was doing. Probably she did that out of curiosity or she wanted to gossip about it with her husband. I don’t know but I know if she was alive in times like these she’d probably be a columnist on instablog.⁣

⁣⁣I digress…⁣

⁣Why exactly did…

Common sense tricks to growing a business in Nigeria


Before I tell you what you will find in this book when you make a purchase right now, let me give you a brief history of my relationship with the Author — Sam Obafemi.

Sam Obafemi popularly known as Coach Sam is one of the few business people I learn from in Nigeria. These days it’s very difficult to find depth as everyone looks as if they are on social media but when you have an interaction you will be utterly dissapointed. Coach Sam is the difference that makes the difference…

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

We’ve all been there before. That point when we are waiting for something. A big financial break, that big client, a relationship, marriage, success, the recognition. Whatever it is! The point is, some of us are waiting for something to happen. Something that will change our lives forever.

I have been there before. Not even that. I am at that stage. To me this is the transition stage. That point where there is a major shift in my life. The point where I am moving from one stage in life to another. Is the transition easy? Hell no!!! It is…

If you are a big fan of Big Brother Nigeria then I am sure you don’t miss every Sunday as your favorite housemates might go home that day. Some housemates scream “no retreat, no surrender” with so much confidence while other housemates are not so sure about their fate when the host (Ebuka Obi-Uchendu) of the Reality Tv Show ask them to be on their feet.

In all of these, there is you, looking at your screen, your heart is sprinting because you might see your favorite housemate walk out the door.

While you are glued to your television or…

Milton Tutu

Founder, The Mastermind Business Community. Business Man. Author. Copywriter. Knowledge Seeker.

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